Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off In 2024

It is not uncommon for you to have disruptions in your work as a result of a lost connection to your hotspot. You cannot afford to have too many interruptions to your productivity, whether you are working from home or some other location; otherwise, it could be detrimental to your employment.

One solution would be to restart the hotspot, but doing it too frequently could get bothersome. In addition, if you opt to acquire an additional internet service for your hotspot, this will result in an increase in the overall cost to you.

This article will tell you why your Android device’s hotspot keeps shutting off without your intervention. If no device is connected to the mobile hotspot after a specified amount of time, the mobile hotspot may automatically shut off. This is, however, what you must do if you wish to address the issue at hand.

Why does my hotspot keep disconnecting by itself?

Your mobile device may provide you with a few different options, but only a few of them will immediately disable the hotspot function. One of the most common contributing factors is the mode that saves power. Either give your phone a full charge or completely disable the feature to get rid of this problem.

Imagine you access the web from your phone via a mobile hotspot. When linked to a mobile hotspot, everything functions faultlessly. If you lose connection to the mobile hotspot or if no devices are connected to it for a while, the personal hotspot will shut off automatically.

Manufacturers of portable electronic devices employ this technique to extend the life of the battery. Connecting your phone to the internet causes it to consume significantly more juice than normal. Therefore, in order to save the life of the battery, it disables the Wi-Fi connection.

Below are the two main reasons:-

Out of Range:

It’s possible that wireless internet won’t work. Around 30 feet is the sweet spot for Bluetooth and WIFI hotspots on the go. If you go over that range, you’ll notice a significant slowdown in performance. If the distance isn’t the issue, then something else is interfering with your wireless hotspot’s signal.

Another nearby hotspot or router will do. In addition, the Wi-Fi range of laptops may be larger than that of mobile phones. While useful, hotspot devices will never match the throughput of a good router.

Disrupted Systems:

If you’re using an outdated device that has been set up as a hotspot, it may not be functioning properly. WiFi antennas on older devices may have been damaged. Or maybe updates to the software simply stopped being released.

This means that whatever systemic weakness is resulting in the emergence of hotspots has not yet been addressed. At this point, these gadgets can’t even generate poor-quality hotspots.

How to Fix this Problem?

Following are a few ways to fix this problem: –

Restart your Phone:

Too many apps or processes running at once, or leaving an Android device on for too long, might cause it to act erratically. The good news is that resuming normal operation after a restart will restore all previously functioning features, programs, and processes.

If your Android phone or tablet keeps turning off the mobile hotspot, try restarting it. You can restart the device by holding down the power button and choosing the option from the menu that appears.

Disable and then Enable the Wi-Fi:

You will not be able to utilize both the mobile hotspot and the Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile device at the same time if the Wi-Fi on your mobile device is turned on.

Therefore, before attempting to construct a private hotspot, it is advisable that the option for connecting to the Wi-Fi network be turned off.

Change Setting Option:

Follow these procedures if the hotspot function on your Android handset suddenly stops working.

  • Go to Setting Menu
Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off In 2024
  • Select Personal Hotspot
Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off In 2024
  • Then extend the Data usage limit
Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off In 2024
Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off In 2024

Turn off the power saver:

Using the battery saver that comes preinstalled on nearly every mobile device could cause issues with your mobile hotspot. The mobile hotspot and the battery saver must be on opposite sides of the device. The battery-saver feature should therefore be disabled if it is active. The expansion of the status bar reveals the Battery Saver icon for this purpose.

  • Turn on the menu labeled Settings
Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off In 2024
  • Check to see the page on Batteries.
Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off In 2024
  • Battery Saver is the setting you want to use if you want to save some power. You have the option to disable this feature within this menu, should you so want.
Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off In 2024


Your network may be set up to collect data for billing purposes if your computer is the hotspot’s origin. When network traffic approaches a predetermined limit, metered networks throttle it back.

To the extent that the hotspot is emanating from your mobile device, you may soon reach the end of your allotted data. Check your phone’s data usage to see if you’ve exceeded your monthly allowance. When this happens, the phone may prevent you from using it as a hotspot. Your vendor’s mobile app should likewise have this data.


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