How to Change Ring Doorbell Sound In 2023

Why there is a need to change Ring Doorbell?

A Ring doorbell is a small but incredibly clever electronic device that, anytime there is a visitor at your front door, will give you an audio ring to let you know that someone is there. Very few individuals really make use of the bell’s replay sound, despite the fact that it has the power to reassure listeners that it is operating as intended at all times.

It’s not only confusing; depending on where it’s coming from, it can also be bothersome and irritatingly loud. The volume is driving me crazy. Start looking for the switch right away because there’s a chance that the chime has already been turned off. Nevertheless, if the user of a Ring Doorbell is not at home, they will not be able to change the tone that plays when the doorbell rings.

In the event that any of these options proves to be intolerable for you, you have the option of reducing the volume, taking additional measures to lessen the quantity of noise, or altering the pitch of the chime.

Is The Sound of The Ring Doorbell Can Be Changed?

Many people have this question ‘can i change my ring doorbell sound’ but Officially, the ring shouldn’t let you change the tone of the doorbell. Also, you have to think about the new competitors who have entered the market. Even though a lot of customers have asked for it, Ring hasn’t done anything yet to change its system so that this feature can be used by the end of 2019.

When you live with other people in a small space, like a condo, the sound of outdoor bells can be a little disorienting. If you hear noises coming from outside, check the notifications on your phone. In point of fact, if you so desire, you are able to quiet alarms.

So, if you want to avoid confusion that isn’t necessary, you should change the pitch of the outside bell. Even though the law says they can’t do it, there is still another way to deal with the problem. It’s important to remember that the outside bell has to be turned off completely before any solution can be used.

2 Ways to Change The Ring Doorbell Sound

1. Using An External Echo’s Chime Sounds

When the volume on your Ring doorbell is turned down and your Echo is set up to play the doorbell sound you wish to hear, the only thing you need to check is that your Echo is programmed to play a chime whenever the doorbell is touched.

How to Change The Sound By Using This Method?

  • Launch the Alexa mobile application.
  • Choose “Devices” from the main menu.
  • Choose your smart doorbell by name by going to the “Cameras” menu option (Alexa presently treats smart doorbells as cameras!).
  • After you’ve clicked “Announcement devices,” double-click your outside echo until a checkmark shows next to it.
  • As soon as the doorbell is pressed, your outdoor Echo will start playing any sound you’ve chosen, which is an improvement over relying just on Ring’s doorbell sound.

2. Change The Ring Chime

A ring chime is a piece of equipment that acts as a speaker for your various ring-related devices. You may set the ring doorbell to sound wherever you want it to, whether it’s inside or outside your home, even if you don’t have a traditional doorbell. Ring Chime provides you with the option to save and play chimes from a tone library in addition to providing you with the ability to choose which chimes you want to play.

So, it is to your advantage to personalize the ring gadgets you use. So, the ring chime device is pretty useful if you want to modify the sound of the outside chime that comes with the ring doorbell. The ring chime is incredibly functional and uncomplicated to use. It does not require any complicated steps to be carried out.

But, in order to make use of the ring chime, you will need to have an outdoor socket available in which to plug it. It’s possible that people who don’t have an exterior socket already installed will find this to be an awkward situation. You should also make sure that the socket is inconspicuous and not overly noticeable so that your ring chime will not be taken.

This will help avoid theft. After you have finished configuring the ring chime device, you will be able to select the tone of your choice from the available library of chime tones.

How to Change The Sound By Using This Method?

  • The Ring app on your phone should be opened.
  • Pick the ring-chime thing.
  • When you pick the chime tone, a list of the available tones will show up.
  • You can hear each tone and choose the one you like best.
  • Using the volume slider controls, you can change how loud the sound is.

How to Turn Off the Sound of Ring Doorbell?

The outside bell sound on the Ring doorbell is optional and can be turned off if desired. People’s opinions vary on whether or not they think the raspy tone is necessary.

There are a few things you can do to put an end to the noise:

  • First, open the Ring app on your mobile device.
  • Find the choice to sound the doorbell.
  • You can pick from a variety of options. configuration settings menu item.
  • After you’ve done that, a new slide will open up that you may use to adjust the doorbell’s tone volume.
  • If you don’t want to hear the doorbell ring, you can turn it down to zero using the slider.


Despite the fact that the Ring Doorbell does not include an easy method for modifying the sound directly on the device, there are a few workarounds that are not too difficult to put into practice.

Hence, if you run a business out of your home, you may choose to adjust the tone of the sound coming from your front porch for a variety of events, parties, or holidays.

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