Eufy Vs Ring Doorbell – Which Is Better For Your Home Security

Eufy vs Ring Doorbell are two of the most forward-thinking and successful firms in the world when it comes to the field of home security systems, and more particularly, video doorbells.

Both of these companies are household names in the home security industry, and each manufactures a comprehensive selection of high-quality wireless security cameras that can be utilized in a variety of private as well as public locations. Both of these companies are at the forefront of innovation in one crucial sector, namely video doorbells.

Eufy vs Ring Doorbell - Which Is Better For Your Home Security

Both have high-quality items to offer, but their ecosystems provide users with quite different options in terms of price, functionality, and overall satisfaction. Here, we’ll compare ring vs eufy doorbell so you can pick the one that works best for you.

What is Eufy Video Doorbell?

The Eufy Video Doorbell is an attempt to make your house a safer place to live by concealing a camera within a doorbell. When it comes to connected home appliances and security systems for private residences, Eufy sets the industry standard. The goal of Eufy is to make your home life easier by offering smart home products that are both practical and of high quality.

Some examples of these products are automated vacuum cleaners, security cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, floodlight cameras, and baby monitors. Anker Innovations, a Chinese consumer electronics corporation, is the owner of Eufy.

It has a lower price point and is simpler to set up compared to other video doorbell cameras now available on the market. Due to the presence of an inbuilt memory chip, you will be able to keep your recordings for up to one month.

The Eufy brand was first introduced to the market in the year 2016 by the company Anker Innovations, which is the current owner of the Eufy brand. Electronics and components for many gadgets are produced by Anker. By 2018, Eufy had expanded its smart vacuum cleaner line, which had been the company’s inaugural line of products, to include home security systems.

The home security systems offered by the company are designed to be user-friendly, both in terms of installation and monitoring via a smartphone app. On the other hand, the business has just recently begun to provide expert monitoring services for its products.

What is a Ring Doorbell?

Ring is a manufacturer of smart home solutions such as video doorbells and surveillance cameras. Their products can be found in homes all around the world. When it comes to protecting your home, Ring has you covered on all fronts, whether it be the interior or the exterior.

Ring is dedicated to supplying households just like yours with secure surveillance cameras and doorbells. Amazon now owns the startup company Ring, which was founded in 2012.

The primary focus of the company on home security and smart home technology is directed toward meeting the demand from customers for do-it-yourself security solutions. Nevertheless, they are accompanied by experienced observation at all times.

They offer a large choice of goods as well as bundles of security equipment, which is something that one would anticipate from a company that specializes in home security.

Ring is a company that sells a wide range of home security solutions, some of which include doorbell cameras, doorbell lights, alarms, and more. Through use of the Ring app, it is possible to exercise control over all of these.

Top 5 Differences Between Eufy Vs Ring Doorbell


Battery life is one of the most important selling aspects for video doorbells, and it’s also one that can significantly sway people’s opinions either way. Ring’s video doorbells have an extraordinarily extended battery life—one month—and all you have to do to charge them is remove the battery from the unit. Because of this, there will be no downtime at all because you can always use a spare one.

According to a number of reviews, the Eufy doorbells have a reliability rating of up to six months. The fact that the complete unit needs to be removed while it is being recharged is still another huge negative.


Anyone can successfully set up a ring because the process is so straightforward. Installation of additional hardware is not required because Ring devices are able to connect to the internet by utilizing the mobile hotspot on your phone. If you’d like, Ring can make a recommendation for a capable installer.

The self-monitoring security devices offered by Ring are compatible with all of the company’s subscription tiers. Despite the fact that Ring products are incompatible with Google Assistant, they are compatible with a wide variety of Amazon and Alexa-enabled devices.

In the convenience of your own home, you may quickly and easily install any Eufy product. Unfortunately, the company does not offer professional installation of their products.

When installing a home security system from Eufy, there are a few considerations that need to be kept in mind. When it comes to some Eufy cameras, the HomeBase hub is necessary in order to create an internet connection by way of your router.

A connection to the internet is necessary for users of video doorbells to be able to get warnings, activate the motion detector, and view live footage of their homes.

Subscription Plan

The ring has three levels of paid subscriptions in addition to its free self-monitoring option. For just $3.99 per month or $39.99 for an entire year, you may upgrade to their Basic Plan and receive 180 days of video history, in addition to alerts, notifications, and the ability to shoot still images.

You have the option of purchasing an extended warranty for your electronic equipment for a cost of $10 per month or $100 per year. Professional backup service and round-the-clock monitoring are both included in the Pro Plan.

The Eufy products are created to be utilized on their own as cost-free and independent resources for monitoring. A subscription grants access to more capabilities, including the capacity to record videos, as well as other benefits.

The Eufy Plus Plan, which costs just $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, includes professional monitoring at no additional cost. The bundle comes with a variety of helpful features, such as an emergency dispatch service, customizable settings, and more.

In addition, the Eufy Basic Plan can be purchased for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. The system takes video recordings, has the ability to ignore false alerts, and can be activated with just one tap. The monthly subscription fee includes free cloud storage for up to 30 days’ worth of video content.

Video Quality

The Ring Stick-Up Cam Plug-In, on the other hand, can only record in the more common 1080p quality at a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The dissimilarity isn’t very big, yet it’s still there in spite of the fact that it’s not. As a result, Eufy is superior in this particular area.

In comparison to the Ring video doorbell, the video quality of the Eufy video doorbell is far higher. The display on the Ring has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, while this one has a greater resolution of 2560 by 1920 pixels. In addition to this, its facial recognition algorithm significantly cuts down on the number of false positives it generates.


You can receive the greatest deal on Ring products if you buy them as part of a larger security system that also includes cameras, sensors, detectors, security lights, and various other types of equipment. When compared to the prices of Ring’s competitors, Ring’s prices for its standalone products are still reasonable. Current systems are easily expandable with additional parts, and the prices of the various packages range from $199.99 to over $600.

You have the option of purchasing Eufy’s reasonably priced home security cameras singularly or as part of the company’s comprehensive home security system. The price of a camera in the medium level is $129.99. However, the initial cost of some Eufy cameras can increase by approximately $100 depending on the package that you choose.

This is because these cameras require a HomeBase hub in order to function properly. The HomeBase and four cameras are included in the bundle that can be purchased for a total cost of $579.99. This HomeBase isn’t required for all of the cameras you have.

Home Security Products

Ring offers an extensive variety of security solutions, such as keypads, accessories, floodlights, security cameras that may be used either indoors or outside, and anything else in between. In the company’s line of wired and battery-operated video doorbells alone, there are nine different models available to choose from.

Ring cameras only have a resolution of 1080p and do not include facial recognition software, despite the fact that they are of a high grade. However, there is a restriction of sixty days on the data retention for the company’s doorbells.

Eufy offers a comprehensive selection of home security systems, despite the fact that its product catalog is more limited than that of many of its competitors.

The company offers two different video doorbells, each of which may be purchased in either a wired or battery-operated type. The Dual model incorporates two distinct cameras in order to eliminate blind areas, and the 2K Camera boasts a professional-grade lens in addition to a 2K sensor in order to capture exceptional, high-resolution video.

Eufy offers a wide variety of security products, including four security cameras, four security cameras with floodlights, four interior security cameras, a security alarm system, motion detectors, and entry detectors.

The cameras each have their own unique set of features, such as increased fields of view, video resolutions of up to 2K, and the ability to operate either wired or wirelessly. In addition, Eufy offers a choice of smart locks, as well as a smart safe and a smart delivery box.

Which is Better For Your Home: Eufy or Ring?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive home security system, Ring’s wide variety of products may be able to help. If high-quality video resolution is essential but you can get by with a less comprehensive Eufy setup, you can save money.


Both the Ring and the Eufy video doorbells include a variety of useful functions, which means that their overall functionality is comparable. The Eufy, on the other hand, is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to recording video in 2K resolution at a crystal clear quality.

Because Ring’s devices are capable of handling 1080p video, it’s possible that you won’t even notice the difference. Both are intuitive and well-designed, and they include a plethora of functions that are helpful for regular use as well as tracking activities. In the end, everything boils down to a question of personal preference and preference.

If you are just concerned about money, purchasing a ring is the best option for you. Eufy is the finest option available to you if you do not like using subscription services.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I trust the Eufy doorbell camera?

Due to the fact that Eufy offers 2K video quality, the video seems significantly better. However, the vast majority of individuals probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

Is Eufy worth the money?

Eufy’s video doorbells and other wireless security cameras are cutting-edge in terms of design and features. Customers are also pleased with the variety of goods offered by Eufy. Therefore, the cost of a Eufy doorbell is well justified.

What Makes Ring Special?

On a variety of review websites, Ring receives high marks for customer satisfaction. They offer a vast selection of security products, ensuring that you will be able to protect your home.

Is Eufy based out of China?

Anker Innovations, a Chinese electronics behemoth and the most innovative company in the world when it comes to charging technologies, is the owner of Eufy.

Is the same business behind both the Eufy and the Ring?

No. Ring and Eufy are not affiliated in any way. Eufy is a home security firm that offers products including doorbells and surveillance cameras. The Ring is a tech company that makes and markets home automation products like video doorbells, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems. Both companies sell similar products, however, they are distinct from one another. Eufy is an independent company. The ring was acquired by Amazon in 2014.

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